Discover Your Hidden Confidence

Would you like confidence so strong that you radiate the same poise and charisma that empower great speakers, executives, athletes, and performers such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali, and Oprah Winfrey?

Dr Sullivan’s revolutionary self-confidence approach shows that you can’t build confidence – but you can effortlessly release your inborn, biological confidence – the same confidence that made our ancestors believe they could face wild beasts, armed only with sharpened sticks.

Confidence is like hundreds of other automatic on/off survival systems in our bodies. For example, one system turns our hunger on – another turns it off. One system heats us up – another cools us down. And one system automatically turns on inborn mighty confidence and another system automatically makes us anxious and self-doubting to turn it back off.

Most of us can’t feel our inborn confidence because our early ancestors had to suppress it or perish. Their smaller brains couldn’t control it, and a tribe of boasting, swaggering alphas constantly competing wouldn’t cooperate enough to survive their harsh, dangerous world. Tribes survived only if most members “turned off” their primal confidence by paralyzing it with anxiety or self-criticism. That turned most early humans into worried followers feeling vulnerable and banding together behind an alpha leader.

But we’ve evolved. Your big, frontal lobe can safely control even your mightiest confidence.

So you doubt yourself not from weakness or your childhood but because you inherited our ancestors’ worried, self-critical, “worker bee” gene.

When you stop suppressing it, “alpha confidence,” automatically rises to meet every challenge. For every speech, date, deadline, argument, or job interview your alpha confidence will fill you with giant feelings, I can do this! I’m a force of nature! Nothing can stand in my way! And people will love me because I’m very loveable!

If those feelings make you uneasy, that’s your suppressive system turning your mighty confidence off.

Confidence Beyond Measure: The Science of Believing in Yourself, gives you specially designed easy visualizations (clinically tested over 20 years). They teach your brain to stop turning off your mighty confidence.

Alpha confidence ignites every ounce of your strength and talent and passion so you perform at your absolute best. That’s what you were born for.

If you want to turn your anxiety and self-doubt off and, instead, feel calm, cool, and powerful in every situation – even under heavy pressure, click on the Watch Video Blog button or the Get the Book button.


A fascinating read combining enlightening theory with meticulously gathered clinical evidence, well-crafted exercises, and inspiring cases of people uncovering hidden confidence . . . a revolutionary, clinically-tested approach that can change your life.
Charles L. Sheridan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Psychology Department, University of Missouri – Kansas City, author of five books, including Health Psychology, and the blog,


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