Confidence Beyond Measure

Confidence Beyond Measure will help you train your emotional brain to release a hidden wellspring of confidence—the same confidence that made our ancestors believe they could face wild beasts, armed only with sharp sticks.

This innate sense of worth is like hunger: so deeply and permanently part of our nature that it’s undamaged even by lifelong neglect, failure, or criticism.

Core confidence is not magical or mystical. It’s based on research in psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, primatology, and evolutionary biology. You just have to stop an ancient control system in your emotional brain from being alarmed by this intense confidence and needlessly generating self-doubt and self-criticism to suppress it. Dr. Sullivan’s easy visualization program relaxes this control system, allowing core confidence to effortlessly make people feel smarter, stronger, and certain that they’ll succeed.

Core confidence clears your mind, concentrates your attention, and ignites your energy and creativity. It spurs you to persevere through hardships and failures. Your worry and self-doubt disappear. Core confidence makes you feel excited to meet your challenges and eager to reach for your dreams.

Bernard J. Sullivan, Ph.D. has studied self-confidence for 50 years. He found that traditional confidence-building methods didn’t strengthen his own confidence, nor did winning a Golden Gloves boxing championship, earning a doctorate in psychology at the University of Kansas, or founding the country’s first psychology/self-improvement store. Disappointed in conventional approaches, he developed the revolutionary method presented in Confidence Beyond Measure over the last 20 years. In private practice in counseling, executive coaching, and sales training for 35 years, he leads seminars and has been published in major psychology journals.


A fascinating read combining enlightening theory with meticulously gathered clinical evidence, well-crafted exercises, and inspiring cases of people uncovering hidden confidence . . . a revolutionary, clinically-tested approach that can change your life.
Charles L. Sheridan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Psychology Department, University of Missouri – Kansas City, author of five books, including Health Psychology, and the blog,


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